Welcome to the Inclusive Emergency Management Community

Innovative collaboration: Advancing inclusive emergency management through collective insight.


About the Inclusive EM Community

This Community brings together emergency management professionals and community stakeholders who are currently working in or interested in inclusive emergency management. The Community provides a space for us to access diverse connections, knowledge, experiences, and ideas that help us expand the inclusive emergency management movement and work smarter, more efficiently, and with less friction in our own roles. 

Within this Community, we will:

  1. collaborate as a community on challenges that don't have an easy or obvious answer;

  2. translate what we need to do (be accessible, equitable, and equally effective) into how we actually do that;

  3. increase the prevalence of inclusive emergency management practices; and 

  4. work together on this larger purpose while finding ways to improve and expand our own work in inclusive emergence management in our own, unique spheres.

Our Community is diverse and inclusive because diversity brings insight and perspective that can fill gaps in our knowledge.

Within this Community we can connect, engage, collaborate, and learn from a world of subject matter experts to achieve more in our own work and to expand the inclusive emergency management movement. 

This community provides access to a variety of experts who are passionate about inclusive EM and are are ready to share their knowledge, experiences, and ideas with you. 

If you are an emergency management professional or community stakeholder, we'd love you to join us!

Why you should join us

Members have access to a variety of tools and numerous experts to make your in inclusive EM better, easier, and more collaborative. The community connects you to a world of professionals from across sectors and gives you unlimited access to:

  • Crowdsourced solutions, ideas, and information
  • Connect on and off line with people you otherwise might not have met
  • Resource library 
  • Virtual and in-person events
  • Ask questions and get practical advice and recommendations
  • Share and request best practices & documents used by others (we call this R&D - ripoff and duplicate)
  • Monthly themes focused on leading and inspiring change in inclusive EM
  • Find and connect with others working in this area


Membership is open to all emergency management professionals and stakeholders including disability advocates, community-based organizations, state and local agencies - the whole community (like how we threw that term in there?). If you work in or an interested in inclusive EM professionally, you are welcome.

This includes access to all the features of the community and online courses.

Not sure yet? That's okay! 

You can join and cancel the same day if you want to (but we hope you don't). There is never an obligation and nothing on the Community costs any money. You can check us out, decide if you like it, and go from there.